Bring the Color of the Year into your Backyard

August 20, 2019

The color: Living Coral is a shade that promises to brighten your décor. Since it’s launch in 2019 as the color of the year, its unlikely you’ll skim through anything in the design field that doesn’t include this color. It’s pink-orange tones inspired by corals will blend perfectly with all styles and environments. For an exterior Landscaping project, use it in your accessories so they can stand out from your concrete products. Discover how to integrate it in your backyard!


Perennials and flowers

Living Coral is very easy to find in many varieties of flowers and perennials at your local hometown nursery. Whether it is around your pool or as décor for the front of your home, adding coral flowers or perennials will bring life to your space. For instance, combined with a grey paver, this color is absolutely stunning! The Aspen model in the paver and slab collection goes perfectly with this trending color because of its smooth and modern finish.


Decorative accessories

When a trendy color is as vibrant as Living Coral, the best and most practical way to integrate it in exterior décor is through your accessories. Decorative pillows, a flower pot, some towels or even an umbrella…Get inspired by this color and create a tropical atmosphere to bring life to your natural concrete colored slabs.


Aspen slab in Icy Grey

Aspen slab – Icy Grey

Proma XL slab in Ash Charcoal

Proma XL slab – Ash Charcoal


The inspiration above presents the perfect combination of the Proma Quadra slabs in the Sky Grey color with coral accessories. You must admit that the combination of the two coupled with the blue waters of the pool is to die for!

Here are some other inspiration projects:

Aspen slabs in Sky Grey

Aspen slab – Icy Grey


Proma Quadra slab in Ash Charcoal

Proma Quadra slab – Ash Charcoal


To conclude, the color of the year, Living Coral, is a color pulled from the underwater ecosystem surely to add life to any space. This color is a highlight to neutral tones as well as brighter colors. Be daring in your choice of styles, textures and patterns for a funky and chic look!