Rinox Group Loyalty Program

How it works?

1. Rinox Group products purchase

Purchase Rinox Masonry, Landscape or Rialux products to become a member of the program.

2. Quick registration

Fill out the form with a proof of purchase and pictures of your completed project!

3. % Return

Receive a $100 prepaid credit card once your application has been approved.

All projects with a minimum of 500 square feet of Rinox or Rialux products will be accepted. Once you are a member of the Loyalty Program you will receive special offers and promotions for your next purchases!

Rinox Group Loyalty Program registration

Enter your information in order for our team to accept your project and to become a member of the loyalty program!

Register now to receive your $100 cash back as well as exclusive offers and promotions for your next purchases!

What are the benefits of joining the program?

This program rewards customers of the Rinox Group by offering a $100 cash back by submitting their completed project. Whether it’s for your landscape, indoors or your home siding project, this program will allow you to receive exclusive offers and discounts applicable on your next Rinox Group purchases.

How does the program work?

As soon as you make a purchase (minimum of 500 square feet of Rinox or Rialux products), you become eligible for the program and will receive a $100 pre-paid credit card. As a member, you will receive promotions and offers through the program’s newsletter. Consult the program conditions here >>

What are the other divisions of the Rinox Group?

The Rinox Group brings together 3 companies including Rinox, Rialux and Aquarino. To learn more about the companies, visit the Rinox Group website here >>

If I have already purchased masonry products, am I eligible for the program?

If your purchase of Rinox Group products was made after January 1st 2019, you can become a member of the program by registering online.

You have other questions?

Need some help in choosing your products? Write to us now and let us help you!