Masonry trends for 2019

January 8, 2019

Are you building in 2019? Planning to do some renovations on the exterior of your home? Stay on trend with the biggest masonry trends of 2019.


Smooth textures

The world is loving the zen look. More and more we will see stone siding with a smooth texture. This style makes your home look understated, yet beautiful. One of the masonry trends who’s perfect for modern homes today.

Rinox newly launched the Oxford stone… its smooth texture matches perfectly with the biggest trend of 2019!

Additionally, another recently launched product, is the Roxton brick with a smooth texture. Pair it with the Oxford stone to get the ultimate modern / zen home.


Roxton stone in Ash Charcoal

Roxton stone – Ash Chracoal

Light colors

Super dark siding is so last year. Matching with the smooth textures trend is the light-colors trend. Light colors are warm and inviting, two words you want people to think of when they think of your home.

Rinox has many masonry products that are light colored. Here are some of our most popular ones:

-Silver white: available in the Novello and Oxford stones, as well as the Romania and Roxton bricks to match

-Mist: a new very light grey color offered in the Oxford and Novello stones

-Ocean: due to its popularity, Rinox has introduced the Ocean color as part of its regular collection in the Londana, and Lugano stone as well as the Liano brick


Infinity illusions

Infinity illusions are characterized by an exterior siding stone that continues through to an interior wall… making the illusion of an infinity wall. A masonry trend that will become all the range in 2019. This effect gives a grand entrance to your home… and who doesn’t love a grand entrance!

Also, Rinox’s entire alternative masonry collection can be installed on both the interior and the exterior of the home. Which makes this trend, super easy to produce!


Our favorite infiniti illusion projects are the following:


Lorena Almond White

Lorena stone – Almond White


Kenya Almond White

Kenya stone – Almond White


Bricks in the bathroom

In 2019, one of the most popular masonry trends is decorative stone in the bathroom. Whether you have a large bathroom or a smaller one you want it to look beautiful! The goal this year is to add a touch of warmth, in contrast to earlier years where the trend was the simple black and white look. Alternative masonry can be installed on an accent wall to add texture to the space. A small amount of decorative stone goes a long way in achieving this look. For a contemporary look in the bathroom, the Lorena stone is the perfect choice. Additionally, if you want a chic and dramatic effect, choose the Charcoal color. Otherwise, the Icy Grey color provides a relaxing and fresh atmosphere. It’s up to you to determine the mood you want to set in your bathroom.


When making your materials choices for your construction project in 2019, keep these fresh and original masonry trends in mind. Once your stone or brick model is chosen, you’ll be left contemplating color. Choose the color that will help you achieve the trendy look you’re going for. Finally, keep in mind that stone is timeless, therefore it’s always a great choice for your home!