Silver White, the color to choose for your 2019 project!

August 20, 2019

Trending again this year in both interior and exterior design is the color white. In the landscaping and masonry industry, products in this color are becoming more prevalent than ever. Whether it be in the stone siding, exterior landscape or used as a small accent, white represents elegance. Both trendy and timeless at the same time, white goes with every style and can help highlight other colors and textures. Discover why Silver White is the right color to choose for your 2019 project!


Clean and zen landscaping

Using white in a landscaping project will bring that brightness you did not know you were missing! Also, the fact that white goes perfectly with all other colors and textures brings you a great advantage. For instance, if you are thinking of renovating your terrace but not replacing everything you already have, light tiles are an ideal choice. White slabs will make your existing items stand out and bring in a fresh new flare to your backyard. Find out how to choose the right paver for your home!

Proma 3Xl slab in Silver White

Proma 3XL slab – Silver White

A harmonious and clean stone siding home

Light colors for the stone siding of a home are the newest trend! Just like a completely white interior décor, the installation of white stones on the exterior is a choice you won’t regret! Hesitant to use the color Silver White on its own? Combine the stone with warmer elements such as a wooden accent to create a more balanced look. To help you find the right stone siding for your home, go check this post!

Novello in Silver White

Novello stone – Silver White

Novello stone in Silver White

Novello stone – Silver White


When the time will come to choose your products for your landscape or masonry project, color and texture should be the basis of your choice. Each of these will have an impact on the final outcome. Therefore, Silver White is an unbeatable choice as it will stand with time and trends.