How to use white pavers in your landscape project?

August 20, 2019

Do you love following new outdoor design trends? If so, you know that white pavers and other light colors are certainly trending right now! Like interior design, light colors are on trend. The Benjamin Moore 2019 color of the year is: Métropolitain AF-690. Light building materials like pavers, bricks and slabs are the perfect choice to achieve a clean and modern look.

Despite the beauty of the white pavers trend, it is not always the prudent choice for your project. Be sure to evaluate your specific project and key factors to determine whether it is the right choice for you! Before you begin your shopping process, here are a few key points to keep in mind when debating to use or not to use light-colored or white pavers and slabs.


When to use light colored or white pavers

-Facing the sun:

Light colors are great to use when there is not a lot of shade in your backyard. Recently, we’ve been hit with extremely hot summers, which means your backyard can heat up quite a bit without shade. Evidently, dark colors heat quickly. Choose light colored or white pavers and slabs so you avoid burning the bottom of your feet when walking on them.

We recently launched the silver white color in our landscaping collection. We also offer the Oka Beige color which gives a classic and sophisticated look.

Zuko Grande slab in Beige Oka

Zuko Grande slab – Beige Oka

-As an accent color:

The best way to use light colors is as an accent in your backyard. Use it in collaboration with other colors. This is a very contemporary approach… highlight the beauty of light pavers, while adding darker pavers for large areas of your yard. Also, checkered patterns are trending this year!

Proma Xl slab in Silver White

Proma XL slab – Silver White

proma 3XL slab in Silver White

Proma 3XL slab – Silver White



-Backyard with a lot of trees:

Although having many trees is a beautiful feature for your backyard… Trees come with leaves. Due to the natural pigmentation of leaves, they can leave a stain on your pavers. These stains are much more apparent on light pavers and happen to be harder to remove as well. Therefore, if you are blessed with many trees in your yard, try to avoid light colors for large areas. Instead, use it as an accent color on certain parts of the yard as mentioned above! Another popular solution – a leaf blower!



The Silver White color is not available in 70-80-90 mm pavers for a reason! But, just in case you were wondering, it is not available for driveway pavers because of tire tracks. Tire tracks are inevitable and a lot more noticeable on light colored or white pavers. In this case, opt for darker colors (like ash charcoal or midnight black) to camouflage tire tracks and to make the beauty of your project last for years. For more tips on how to choose the right interlock for your projects, click here!


We love light colors they are beautiful and create a modern look… just be sure to use them the right way for your backyard! Most importantly, listen to your landscape contractor… his experience can help guide you in the right direction. Not sure which landscaper to use? Click here!